11 May - 2 June 2021

Inconsu is a start-up who offers a worldwide platform designed to simplify bookings that are not a part of the original travel package. They offer a white label solution for travel companies to maximize and improve brand awareness. The platform uses AI and AR to give tailormade suggestions for travellers and hence, create a better relation between the travel company, the traveller and the local excursion provider.  

The team and I 

This project was a side project on the side of my studies at Changemaker Educations. I approached three of my classmates that I had worked with in previous projects, and whom I really enjoyed working with. Not only because they were nice and friendly persons but also because they previously had showed that they were really good at UX design. All three of them said yes without any hesitation when I approached them, so I was lucky. 

We worked as a team with everything we took on during this project so we didn´t have any particular roles. I had a close communication with the client and was responsible for that when we didn´t have any group meetings scheduled for a couple of days. Otherwise, we all did everything and could quickly jump in where needed. 

Antonella Jonsson

Denise Swartling

Josef Norin

Rebecka Dahlgren

The brief 

I was approached by my brother, Peder Swartling, which is one of the founders of Inconsu. They had gotten to the stage where they needed to be able to show some sort of idea of how the design would look like for potential investors. 

They had an idea of how they wanted it to work but not if it actually would work and how the design would optimize the experience for the three different target groups; the travel company, the client/traveller and the local excursion provider. We had pretty free reigns as long as we had a couple of stand-up meetings where we would discuss the development.

Understanding the challenge 

After the first meeting we started off the project by doing a lot of research. We wanted to understand more of what travel companies, travelers and excursions provider do and how they want to communicate with their target groups. What kind of design solution are they looking for? 


We put all the gathered info up on our Miro board and started to look at a user flow for our design. In this project we focused mainly on the travellers experience since this was what Inconsu wanted us to do, however, it was very important for us to keep in mind that the prototype would attract the other target groups as well. 

We started sketching in Figma and presented our first prototype to the stakeholders. The first prototype was a pretty simple design, the most important thing was that the user flow worked. Inconsu liked what we presented and came with good feedback on things we needed to develop at the next stage.  

Our design

Our design was made for a person who would travel to South Africa with S.A Travel. The person would have to sign in safely, go through a short registration process and then be inspired by all possible things to experience. If needed, the traveler could use filters so the experiences presented would be according to the persons interests. 

Since Inconsu uses AI, the app already knows if you are travelling alone or with friends, family or partner and hence, will select out certain things right away. It was also important that the excursions were presented with information such as price, ratings, things that are good to know before and the possibility to communicate directly with the excursion provider. Lastly, but not least, it needed an easy book and pay process.  

We kept the design calm, easy, professional, and trustworthy. The whole experience would be around being inspired to explore the world. Therefore, we used a lot of pictures so you as a traveler could get a glimpse of what you could expect. Since the focus was around pictures, we kept the background white and worked with different shades of blue to accentuate buttons and other clickable objects. 

Another thing that we worked a lot on was how to offer as much information as needed but not be overwhelmed. We solved this issue by putting a headline of the subject and then give the traveller the option of showing more information by clicking on an arrow.  

We designed a smooth book and payment process where most information already was completed because of the clever AI used by Inconsu. If something was not correct the traveler could easily change the information given. A progress bar shows the client how the progress is going and is there to ease the experience.

When everything is booked and paid for all information needed is in the app. The menu bar at the bottom clearly shows the traveler where to access the ticket so the person doesn´t have to stress about that while standing in line for the bus operator.  

Results and feedback 

At the final meeting we presented our design to stakeholders at Inconsu and stakeholders at a digital agency.  Both parties expressed that they were very satisfied with our design solution and felt confident to show it to potential investors the same week.  

A few weeks later, Peder at Inconsu got in touch and told us that our design had secured investors for Inconsu. They were obviously very happy, and we were proud of being a part of helping them with securing a future.  

“This was exactly what we needed and more! I am so happy with what you have done for us in such a short period of time!"

Peder Swartling,

CEO at Inconsu

“I cannot wait to show this for the potential investors on Thursday!

I feel confident!"

Jesper Wirdén,

CBDO at Inconsu